Cyber Security Training

How much is this going to cost?

You can get started from $50 per year, per employee, with a minimum of 25 employees. If you have lesser than 25 employees, it will be calculated as ($50 x 25) = $1,250 for the entire year of access to KnowBe4's platform and associated courses. Prices are in Singapore Dollars.

What if we do not wish to manage the platform ourselves?

We are KnowBe4's authorized partner in APAC, and we have a special bundle where we manage all aspects of the platform, training, to the audit for your company. Reach out to us here ( for a confidential discussion.

How is our data secured on your systems, and do you have your own datacenter or are you in the cloud?

KnowBe4 uses Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to host their servers and data, they are a fully compliant and ISO certified facility. There is no unauthorized external access to data, we only store just enough information to accomplish the services we are set to provide, which minimally are email addresses with recorded clicks. Email addresses are encrypted, kept private and are not shared or sold to any external organizations.

I’m concerned about the email addresses that I would give you. Are they safe?

For a Free Phishing Security Test, the email addresses will remain in KnowBe4's database for a limited time. This is required to track unique email opens and clicks. For customers of KnowBe4, the Ongoing Phishing Security Tests will need to ‘persist’ email addresses so that we can periodically send simulated phishing attacks to the correct individuals. This will also be used so that you can track which of your users are failing the tests. The addresses will not be used for any purpose oth...

Is my financial data safe and secure?

KnowBe4 uses industry best practices, and partners with top firms (including Amazon Web Services), to ensure the security of sensitive data. Credit card data is not stored on KnowBe4 servers and is only used to verify billing info. KnowBe4 has been PCI compliant from day one. Your company information is not shared with 3rd parties. Review KnowBe4's Privacy Policy ( for more information.

Why is KnowBe4’s training ‘new-school’?

Old school Security Awareness Training is static. It’s a one-time event without follow-up. KnowBe4's Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training starts with a baseline test to show the actual Phish-prone percentage of your users. Then it steps users through effective, interactive, on-demand browser-based training. As step three, you send frequent simulated phishing attacks to your employees to reinforce the training. This last feature, frequent simulated phishing attacks (we recommend at t...

Why do employees even need this training?

Cyber crime is moving at light speed. A few years ago, they used to specialize in identity theft, but now they take over your organization’s network, hack into your bank accounts, and steal tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every small and medium organization is at risk.

What are my payment options?

We accept cheques, and bank transfers for companies with a valid Singapore address. If you are located outside of Singapore, we accept payment via PayPal and/or Stripe only. They are able to process credit card payments as well. Please note that we have to receive payment in full before access is given to your company to use KnowBe4's platform.

We already have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place. Are you compatible with that?

KnowBe4 courses are SCORM ( compliant, so we can deliver courseware for your in-house LMS if needed. However, KnowBe4 does have its own LMS that lives in the cloud, and we can report back to you about all enrolled employees, their status, completion, and many other parameters.

Which browsers do you support?

Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari for the KnowBe4 training courses and any browser that supports Adobe Flash and/or HTML5 for the Management Console.