Live Chat Support

What do you mean by "24/7 Fully Managed"?

This means that you will not need to install live chat software on your website. We will install our solution, and pass on leads to you while solving customer issues at the same time. We will escalate issues to you or your team if the issues are not present in your FAQ or knowledge base. Once we gather the steps to resolve these issues, we will apply it in the future.

Do you offer better rates?

Let us know your requirements, and subscribe annually to lock in the preferred price that we will work out for your after we assess your requirements.

How will I be charged for additional hours beyond the bundled hours in my plan?

You will be charged based on the subscription that you have. e.g. if you are on our Full Time subscription, anything beyond the first 40 hours per week will be charged at $2.20/hour.

Do I get a direct point of contact?

Yes, you will have your own account manager to your account.

Can I use my own live chat service?

Part Time, Full Time, and After Hours subscription: Our agents are trained to use our own solution, if you have an existing live chat service on your website, be sure to set the hours to when you are active, and to turn it off when you need us to take over.. 24/7 subscription: We will only place our solution on your website, and will not advice adding your own to minimize server load and duplicate chats. There are no additional costs to place our software on your website for all subscriptions.

Do the agents proactively talk to visitors?

Yes, they will. During the discovery call, we will also cover this. We need to know things like when and where this can happen on your website.

What if the agents are not able to answer the questions?

Like we say on our website, our agents are only humans. And everyone makes mistakes. The real purpose is to learn from the mistake. We will not guess the answer, that is for sure. We will collect the information and pass on the enquiry to you or your team for further investigation or processing. If the issue is urgent we will mark it on the email that we send you. Once we heard back from your side, we will also updates ourselves with the new knowledge and apply it the next time the enquiry ...

Are your agents trained to help me out with my products and services?

Our agents will be trained based on the information that you are able to provide us during the discovery call. Based on this, the project managers will review your website, and train the agents to answer accordingly. As this is an ongoing process, our agents are also trained to handle any new information, add it to our internal knowledge base, and to yours (if applicable) to improve the overall efficiency of the service.

How many chats can an agent handle at the same time?

We will be able to handle 2 chats at the same time.

Why should we use your service?

Many businesses don't have the manpower to sit at a computer everyday to man the live chat on top of rowing in the business. When you partner with us, you will have access to our customer service expertise, and we pass that along to your brand. This will create more trust in your brand and your business will grow as a result of it. We will still follow your direction, so if you have a schedule, let us know.

How does the service work?

We will do a 30 mins discovery call to find out your requirements at no extra charge. We will then develop a process to collate the information you needs to provide the best customer service experience for your own customers.

What are the differences in the support levels?

Standard: within 24 hours. Priority: within 12 hours.

Can the chat agents answer for multiple websites and businesses of mine?

Yes they can. But we charge on a per website basis.

Do you charge for lead capturing?

No extra charges involved.

Why is hiring a live chat agent so affordable?

We have a chat agent assigned to multiple businesses, hence they can answer multiple chats per shift, which equalizes the costs for everyone.

How are the hours calculated for Full Time and After Hours?

Full Time: based on 8 working hours a day, for 5 days a week = 40 hours. After Hours: based on 16 hours a day + 48 weekend hours = 128 hours.