Business Broadband

What is the minimum subscription period for Business Broadband?

24 months.

Which Business Broadband Plan should we select?

For Multi-National Companies (MNCs), you will require the 1Gbps plan. For Regional businesses, you will want the Business 500 and/or above plans. For SMEs and startups, you will need Business 200 to start.

What are the charges for the first month?

The charges for the service activation and TP installation of S$993 in total has been waived. If there are no additional requirements, your company should only have to pay for the bill for the first month based on your subscribed plan. If there were additional requirements for cabling, you will be charged separately by the third party contractor. If there were additional requirements due to any other reasons not related to cabling, you may wish to refer to the list of one time charges found i...

Will we get an Account Manager for the duration of the subscription?

Yes. your company will have access to a dedicated account manager for the duration of the subscription.

Who are some of the clients for MyRepublic's Business products and services?

MyRepublic is fueling internet access and speed for many homes and organisations in Singapore like Starbucks, Charles and Keith, Changi Airport, and CapitaLand Limited.

Can we relocate our business broadband services during the subscription?

Yes, you will be able to do so. However, there will be a one-time charge of S$802.50 per relocation request.

Is my business ready for fibre broadband?

You may wish to visit NetLink Trust's (previously OpenNet) Coverage Check page by clicking here (

How can we subscribe to Business Broadband?

1. Download the application form here ( 2. Complete the application form, and email it back to ( 3. Take note that the Authorized Signatory must be from a Director and above in the represented company, whether it is accompanied by the company stamp or not.

How fast can we get my fibre broadband service up?

It may take as little as 2 weeks, or up to 6 weeks for your fibre broadband service to be installed and activated, upon receiving your completed application form. It will also vary depending on your location as well. In rare cases, it may take longer than expected, but we will work with you to assist you along the way.

Can we keep the Router that came with our MyRepublic Business Broadband subscription?

Unlike certain Internet Service Provider (ISP) where you have to return your equipment because they are on loan (and you pay a rental per month) to you by the ISP, MyRepublic does not have this requirement. The router that MyRepublic provides is considered purchased by the client (your company in this case) with every 24 months contract for our business fibre broadband

Do you provide Routers?

Routers are provided at no additional charges. For Business 500 and upwards, MyRepublic will provide one enterprise class Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite 3, and one Unifi Access Point. For Business 200 and below, MyRepublic will provide a MyRepublic Wi-fi Halo.

How will you be able to track our application status?

In order for us to be able to track and update you on the status of your application, please make sure that the Channel ID is printed as D1001202 on page 6 of the Business Service Application Form before submitting it back to us.

What is a SLA?

SLA is short for Service Level Agreement. At present, MyRepublic provides up to 99.95% SLA across all business plans.

Why doesn't CTARe provide customer service, or technical support for MyRepublic business broadband?

Although we are an authorized partner of MyRepublic, we do not have any access to their customer support (i.e. billing), or technical back-end to be able to provide you with the appropriate help.

Do you provide Corporate Individual Schemes (CIS)?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in finding out more, please write in to us.