How can I improve the quality of my bot after it is live?

CTARe works closely with you to continuously train and optimize your bot for success after it launches. We work through the analytics together, determine points where the flow can be improved, and increase the fidelity of the natural language processing/machine learning models constantly through retraining and upgrades.

What happens after I cancel my subscription?

We do not offer refunds for any of our solutions. Once you cancel an annual or a monthly subscription, you will still have access to the solution for the remaining period (of the month, or year).

What is the process of building a bot?

Generally, it comes down to understanding the objectives of the bot, developing it to specifications, and launching it on the right channel.

What if the bot cannot answer a question?

The bot will be able to detect when it isn't confident about answering a question, when a user gets frustrated, or when there is a request to talk to a human. The bot will seamlessly hand over the conversation to a human colleague, whether through live chat, or through escalation to an existing helpdesk.

What kind of escalation methods are available?

Bots can integrate with multiple business applications, such helpdesk systems from Salesforce to Zendesk, or even internal applications through application programming interfaces (APIs) that can send and receive information to and from various applications based on the use case.

Why should I deploy a bot?

As business becomes more global and competitive, there is a higher expectation for round-the-clock responsiveness and better service from customers. Having a bot ensures that there is a way for customers to get instant answers at all times, and help them with their sales questions, or support issues.

What is an interaction?

Examples: Receiving a message from a prospect/visitor is counted as 1 interaction, regardless of messages used in response. A prospect that completed a lead form is counted as 1 interaction. Your company sends 1 broadcast to 500 people, that is counted as 500 interactions.

Do you provide more discounts for additional years that are subscribed?

Only on the Enterprise plan. please contact us ( for more details.

How soon can you get a chatbot up and running?

That depends on the level of customization required. The more workflows, the longer we will take to get your chatbot function, as we need time to also test out the workflows.

What kind of support do you provide for the Essentials plan?

You will have to subscribe to a maintenance plan on top of the Essentials subscription in order to get standard support for your chatbot.

Do you charge for maintenance of the chatbot?

Yes, we charge a separate maintenance subscription for Essentials and Pro plans. This will allow you to make changes to the chatbot and its conversation flows after the chatbot is live.

Do you charge for the development of chatbots?

No, the costs are inclusive in the monthly subscription.

What are Unique Users?

Unique users are defined as visitors to your chatbot and that they had a conversation with it.

Why don't you recommend the monthly plan?

A chatbot is an emerging technology, and as such, in order for a business to have a functional chatbot, we will always recommend the Annual option. This keeps your business agile, and allows the chatbot to also adapt to the ever changing needs of your clients, and customers. At the same time, you can free up your manpower to try and figure out what went wrong.

What are the differences between the plans?

If you are looking at an annual commitment with us, we will waive the related activation fees. Your unique users, integrations, reporting, and support are different across plans. On our Enterprise plans, we also provide client onboarding, and maintain the chatbot for you.