Is the team assigned to us on a dedicated basis?

No, there is no dedicated team or personnel that is assigned to your company. As a basis for our work, the team that you liaise with will be your primary team. They will be the same group of people your company will talk to, however, this does not mean that the team works with your company only. As an MSSP, we have multiple clients, and our teams are assigned to a certain number of clients. If your company requires a dedicated team, the charges will be significantly higher, and your account ...

Is remote support reliable?

Of course it is! We have been doing this for more than a decade. It is as reliable as having an IT personnel on-site, but without the additional wait time, and costs for travelling there.

What does unlimited 24/7 remote support mean?

Call us anytime of the day or week, and we will help you resolve your ad-hoc server, and/or computer issues.

What does unlimited 8/5 remote support mean?

That means you can get in contact with our helpdesk team to resolve your ad-hoc server and/or computer issues during the assigned 8 hours a day, and for 5 days a week. Usually the assigned hours are in sync with your business operational hours.

What happens if I have a server emergency?

We would usually have already been notified by our monitoring software, and are working on resolving the issue. Response time for such critical issues are 2 hours, 1 hour, and 30 minutes for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans respectively.

Why don't you support legacy systems?

Based on cybersecurity best practices, we do not support legacy systems as they post a high cybersecurity risk to the company using it, and to the IT provider that supports it. This exposes both parties and their critical internal and client data to cyber threats like hackers, and/or malware.

What is the brand of next-generation anti-virus (NGAV) that you provide?

We work with various brands to ensure that we provide the most value to you at the most affordable price. At this moment, you could be receiving any of the following NGAVs in your managed IT solution: - Bitdefender, - Webroot, - Trend Micro, or - 360 Total Security.

We can do our own backup. So why should we even consider your Managed IT Solution?

Let's face it, a majority of companies don't know that backups are being done by their IT team if they have an IT team. And if they do not, the company does not realize the importance of having a disaster recovery plan. That's where our expertise comes in. Your administrative team does not have to backup their OS and files to an external HDD and have that same HDD being copied to a second HDD as a backup solution. This adds nothing but more pressure and work for the team. When disaster stri...

Why do we need to contact you for a quote?

No company is the same, and neither are their requirements. You do not want to pay for things you do not need. A custom quote is where we can provide the best price combined with the best value for your company and its IT, and cybersecurity requirements.

Do you have educational discounts?

Yes, we do give out 20% discount or give out 2 months for free (if we receive an annual subscription) for educational institutes. Please contact us for more details. If you are student in a school, please write in to us for more details for a lower subscription for IT support.

Can we reduce the Incident Response Time (IRT) of our subscriptions?

Yes, we will charge a nominal fee for that. A reminder that for Servers, the indicated IRT is for non-critical issues. For Workstations, you can reduce the IRT to 4 Hours. For Servers, you can reduce the IRT to 2 Hours.

Do you have a subscription that caters to 24 hours or extensive requirements?

Yes, that is our Platinum plan. It is a highly customized plan for the most demanding of our clients.

What modes of payment do you accept?

If your company is registered and located in Singapore, we accept payments via funds that are transferred to our corporate bank account. If your company is registered and located outside of Singapore, we all accept payments via PayPal, and/or Stripe.

What operating systems do you support?

We can provide assistance for systems that are still currently supported by Microsoft, and/or Apple. Those systems that are no longer being supported by them (which means that they are no longer pushing out updates to patch or secure those systems) are not on the list that we support.

Do you have a minimum entry requirement for your Managed IT solution?

We will usually recommend that our clients have access to high speed internet in order for us to provide support.

Your disaster recovery solution sounds complicated to handle, and expensive to implement.

Truth be told, cloud technology is gradually being adopted by thousands of companies all over the world. And its costs have lowered dramatically since its first deployment half a decade ago. What we have now is a landscape where this advancement in technology is affordable even for an everyday consumer. What's more, our technology is intelligent and can handle the process after its initial programming. It is a set-it-and-forget-it solution that requires us to program it once, and then it will ...

Then, we will have my administrative team retype everything. They type fast, and we can pay them overtime.

That is one way to do it. But did you know re-typing a mere 20MB excel file can cost a business up to SGD$23,000 (USD$17,000) just to do so? What about all time and energy? That same time and energy spent can be efficiently used for completing other pending administrative tasks.

There is always Data Recovery services that we can turn to right? ​

That is correct. BUT a typical data recovery process can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 weeks in order for the data to be re-constructed. The industry standard charge is $1 per 1GB of data. That would be S$1000 to recover a 1TB (1000GB) HDD! A business just cannot afford that downtime where critical information cannot be read and processed. Your clients certainly won't like that either.

What are the differences between a Reactive and Proactive IT Client?

Reactive Reactive clients call their IT Service Provider only when there is an equipment failure, or emergency. They see IT as a cost and nothing more — and rarely see the value of ongoing managed services (let alone a virtualized service with no on-site equipment). Turnaround time is very long and tedious. It will often costs more to fix things. Proactive Proactive clients understand that proactive IT maintenance is core to their business. So they are willing to engage a Managed Servic...

Why is important to know what we have in our company's IT?

We absolutely suggest that you at least have a qualified person employed for the sole purpose of managing your IT assets (hardware: like laptops, workstations, etc.; software: like Microsoft Office). If a company does not know what's going on in that IT department, it is also very difficult to assign and forecast budget for those products, and also estimate when they will fail. This is especially so for hardware as they do not last forever. And gaining importance is subscription based softwar...

Our company does not have a dedicated IT personnel, how will you help in this case?

We will perform a one-time audit to gain awareness of your company's inventory. After our audit, we will also maintain and make sure that your devices and software are performing at its best. We see value in our proactive solution. It is cheaper compared to paying to fix something that went wrong.

We can always just employ an IT Executive, or and IT Manager to take care of our IT assets. Isn’t that a whole lot cheaper?

Although the costs may look similar, we can assure you that it is not. You merely factored in the costs for manpower. Keep in mind that our subscription includes software, technology, manpower, and expertise. We even provide basic IT training for your employees. Cybersecurity is not just the responsibility of the IT team, but the responsibility of everyone in the company.