Website Care

How do I change my DNS settings on macOS?

- System Preferences - Network - Click Advanced. - Click the DNS tab - Click the little + sign at the lower left to add a new DNS server - Type in the numbers of a public DNS server (see our suggestions below) - Click OK - Click Apply ---------- Type in one of the following public DNS server addresses: = CloudFlare DNS or = GoogleDNS or = OpenDNS Credit: Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET

How soon will the services start upon signing up for website care?

Usually between 24 - 48 business hours. If you signed-up after hours, on a weekend, or holiday, we will set things up the next available business day within our office hours.

What is Rapid Response?

Rapid response is where we attend to issues that cause white screen of death errors on your website. Usually this is the case where the website is online but not available to be navigated by your website visitors. This service is provided on a best-efforts, and as-in basis, does not have a predefined SLA, and is not a 100% uptime guarantee.

How do I create a backup using All-in-one migration plugin before creating a post, or making changes to the website?

- Locate the All-in-one migration tab on the left hand side menu bar. - Hover over All-in-one migration Backups should appear as a sub-menu, Click on Backups. - You will be taken to this screen here. Click on the Create Backup button. - The following window will pop up, do not navigate away from this web page. - Once the backup is completed, you will see the download button. You do not have to download the backup. Click Close. You can proceed to add content, or make...

What are the limits of the hosting that is included?

Usually we include a 1TB per month bandwidth cap on our premium managed hosting, and up to 5GB of storage for your media. Should you exceed these limits, we will review with you on upgrading your hosting or storage capacity to the next tier, at an additional nominal fee per month.

Do you support Multisite networks?

We absolutely do! Each sub site on a multisite network requires one active subscription to manage.

Do you provide custom development?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your job scope, and we will provide a quote.

What kind of functionalities do you support on the Deluxe plan, that you don't support on the Essentials plan?

We consider advanced functionalities like the following to be resource intensive to support on our end, and only support them if you are at least on our Deluxe plan. - e-commerce (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Simple Pay, etc) - Membership (MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro, s2 Member, etc) - Learning Management (LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, etc) - Multilingual (WPML, Polylang, qTranslate-X, etc) - Outside API/software integrations - Multisite installations (including t...

Do you offer phone support?

It does not make sense to do so. Especially with the complications of setting up calls to be received by a certain team at a certain time. And a big plus for not having to deal with accents that are not familiar to you. Client satisfaction is our top priority nevertheless!

How often are WordPress core, plugins, ang themes updated?

Usually on a weekly basis. We want to make sure that the bugs that are released with the newer versions are ironed out. And doing them only on weekends (for corporate websites) on weekends, or in the dead of the night for e-commerce stores. These are the times where they experience lower traffic.

I just need that one nagging thing to be edited. Can I get an hourly rate instead?

To be honest, we usually don't even recommend that. WordPress and websites in general isn't a one time deal. After a website is built, a lot of work goes into maintaining it. You should be focusing on growing your business, and not worrying about all of these. That was the reason why care plans came about, so that you can stop sweating the small details and start growing.

My website was hacked! Can you help?

You may utilise our emergency malware removal service for this. Our website care and website security plans offer website security, and malware removal (on certain plans), but not on an already infected website.

Can I just upgrade my support level?

Our highest support plan is Priority, but if you need even shorter response times, please reach out to us, or your account manager if you are an existing client.

How quickly can you resolve a ticket?

For a ticket that we receive with single issues contained within it,, usually we are able to attend and respond to a request within 24 hours. But we place each plan with a specific response time to keep things realistic for both parties. For more complex issues within a ticket, you will experience a slightly longer resolution time. For our priority support subscribers, we are able to resolve issues within 3-6 hours of receiving it. Again, these are general times for a ticket for a single issu...

What kind of hours do you provide support?

Usually we align with your business hours, however, things can happen at the most unwelcomed time. Our team is distributed globally, so we can respond and assist you even if something happens in the dark of the night at your side of the globe.

Do I have to switch my hosting provider?

Depends on your needs and budget. You can stay with your current shared hosting provider if you wish. But that will limit the amount of speed and performance improvements that we can make for your website. We would recommend moving over to our hosting if you want to maximise the speed and performance of your website, and we can quote you for the additional costs.

How many websites can be supported with one subscription?

That's just one website per subscription. Multisites represent multiple websites that we can manage. Example 1: 3 different websites with 1 domain name = 3 different subscriptions. Example 2: 1 website with 3 subdomains like,, and = 3 different subscriptions.

Do you support e-commerce websites?

Websites with e-commerce functionalities take more manpower and time to manage, so we only able to support e-commerce websites on our Deluxe plan.

What kind of website security do you provide?

We provide website security in our website care plans that is backed by our 24 hours cyber security center. With the exception of the Basic plan, all our plans come with: - Regular malware and vulnerabilities scans (with frequency that starts at every 6 hours) - Automated monitoring, detection, and removal of malware - Content delivery network (CDN) - Web application firewall (WAF) You can find the full list here (

What if my requests take more than 30 minutes to complete?

Any task that will take more than 30 minutes to complete, will be chargeable based on an hourly rate. When you send us requests, we will analyze the request, and if we estimate that it will take more than 30 minutes to complete, we will inform you of the charges. You will have the opportunity to review the charges. You can either not move ahead with the request, or approve it and make payment before we start work on your request. Things like the following is covered by our hourly work, or via ...

What's included in Unlimited Tasks?

Unlimited tasks are for requests or tasks that can be completed under 30 minutes. If patterns of abuse occurs, we will charge hourly rates for requests. Here are a few examples of what is included in the Unlimited Support Hours: Scenario - Setting up a plugin Inclusive: You want us to install and setup a plugin in order for its functionalities to be enabled for your website. Not inclusive: You want us to create a functionality that does not exist in any known plugins in the market. [No...

What are the differences in support levels?

Essential: within 24-48 business hours. - Support hours are between 10 am to 6 pm, available Mondays to Fridays. Excluding after hours, weekends, and holidays. Standard: within 12 - 24 business hours. - Support hours are between 10 am to 6 pm, available Mondays to Fridays. Excluding after hours, weekends, and holidays. Expedited: within 12- 24 business hours, including after hours - Support hours are between 10 am to 6 pm, available Mondays to Fridays. Excluding weekends, and holidays. Pri...

What are off-site backups?

Off-site backups are backups that are not located on the same server that your website is being hosted at. If your website or the server goes down for any reason, we still have a backup of your website stored. This off-site backup can then be used to restore your website.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) ensures that wherever your website visitors are at, they will have the best viewing experience.

What are Tasks?

Tasks are the time we spend on client initiated requests. We include unlimited tasks for small content requests that do not take more than 30 mins to complete. This is subject to our fair use policy. If it takes more than 30 minutes to complete or if patterns of abuse are seen on our unlimited support hours portion, we will be charge an hourly rate until the task is completed.

What are Maintenance Hours?

These are hours that we use to update your website's core components, and make backups.

Why is Elementor Beta (Developer Edition) plugin not supported in your website care subscriptions?

This is a plugin used by developers for testing purposes, and the fact that the plugin mentioned it is in Beta in its plugin name is very concerning. As per our website care terms, we do not support plugins, themes, and staging websites as a whole as these websites will be more suited to be maintained by a developer. Plugin/themes authors usually do not recommend using the beta versions of their plugins/themes on a live, production website. You can clearly see Elementor's disclaimer here (htt...

Which Startups or Non-Profits are eligible for the discounted plans?

Yes, please contact us ( for more information. For startups, we will require your BizFile which will indicate that your company has been recently setup. So long as you are still within your first year of business and have not had a website done up, you will be eligible for the Startup subscription. For non-profits, so long as we can verify that your website is not mobile responsive or maintained by a current company, you will be eligible for a Non-Pro...