How do I clear my cache in Google Chome?

In Google Chrome, clearing the browser cache is done via the Clear browsing dataarea in Settings. From there, check Cached images and files (as well as anything else you want to remove) and then tap or click the CLEAR DATA button.

Screenshot of the Clear Browsing Data window in Chrome

Assuming you're using a keyboard, the quickest way to Clear browsing data is via the Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard shortcut.

Without a keyboard, tap or click the Menu button (the icon with three stacked lines) followed by More tools and finally Clear browsing data....

See How to Clear the Cache in Chrome [] for more details.

TIP: Choose All time from the Time range option at the top of the Clear browsing data window to make sure you get everything.

In Chrome's mobile browser, go to Settings from the three-dotted menu at the bottom, and then Privacy.

From there, choose Clear Browsing Data. In this menu, check Cached Images and Files and press the Clear Browsing Data button once, and then again for confirmation.