Termination of agreement

There are two different scenarios where a termination of agreement can occur, and they are as follows.


Scenario 1. You as a client decides to terminate our mutual agreement.

In most cases, you can do so by giving us at least thirty (30) days advance notice to terminate an agreement.

In all cases, the (remaining number of the months X the monthly subscription price) will be due immediately upon such a termination of agreement. Your company must clear this outstanding before the termination of the agreement is finalized.


Scenario 2: We as a service provider terminates the agreement.

In most cases, we can do so by giving you, our client, at least thirty (30) days advance notice to terminate an agreement.

In some cases, we will do a pro-rated refund to your company for the remaining unused days of that month that we terminate the agreement, so that the termination is immediately effective.


Additional information:

- On top of the ground rules, in both scenarios, once the effective (or indicated) time is up, we will remove our credentials from your services within several hours, and will stop all work associated with your client account. You will not be billed for the next term.

- The termination of agreement will determine the following:

- Any proprietary automations that we use in our solution for your new infrastructure will stop working once the agreement is terminated. This is especially apparent if your hosting does not already come with these automations (i.e. technology not associated with your hosting provider like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, etc.). These automations are not promised or agreed upon in any of the statement of work (SOW), mutual agreements, and/or proposals as a result or a task that we need to provide for your company.

- If applicable: To prevent incompatibility, you must destroy the infrastructure that we created for your company during the subscription.

- We will stop responding in all other channels except emails to our support email address for any reason that you may require to contact us after the termination of agreement. The responses are subject to our ground rules, response time SLAs, and are answered Mondays to Fridays, 11am to 6pm, Singapore standard time.

- Custom or additional communication channels created during the subscription will be deleted immediately when the agreement is terminated.

- These communication channels are not intended to be used as personal, or your company's additional storage facility. 

- It is not our responsibility or are we liable to your company when you use these additional communication channels for your company's file storage. We will not retrieve your files or documents for your company once the communication channel has been deleted.

- The maximum number of days for deferment of the deletion of this communication channels is at three (3) days. A longer duration is subjected to our approval.

- We will attempt to communicate with your company via email to ascertain if your company requires a deferment for the deletion of the communication channel(s). After forty-eight (48) hours of no response from your company and/or its representatives, we will consider it that your company does not require a deferment or an extension. Thereafter, the communication channels will be deleted with no notice to your company, and/or is representatives.

- All credentials that your company shared with us will be deleted from our database on the day itself when we remove our credentials from your servers or services whent the agreement is terminated.

- You must reset all your passwords after the termination of the agreement. It is not in our scope to provide reminders, or do so for you.

- It is not in our scope to find your company a replacement no matter which scenario that the agreement was terminated. If we do do so, most often times, we do it as a gesture of goodwill. We are not associated with the companies that are mentioned; nor does it come as a form of suggestion, recommendation, or endorsement from us.

- Your new provider will have their own strategies in assisting your company. The offboarding documents provided are for reference only, as your provider may not follow the reference documents. Refer to the their assessments as necessary.

- We consider all offboarding emails, and documents received, read, and understood three (3) business days after it was sent to your company and/or its representatives. That includes the day when the email and documents were sent.