How to generate a HAR file for troubleshooting

At times, it is difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot a complex issue, especially with technologies like a content delivery network.

Our team will require a HAR file in order to further assist you on this matter. When you see any error (533 in this case), do not close the error screen or page, and please complete the following steps:


To generate the HAR file for Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the page where the issue is occurring.
  2. Look for the Vertical ellipsis button () and select More Tools > Developer Tools.
  3. From the panel opened, select the Network tab.
  4. Look for a round Record button (  ) in the upper left corner of the tab, and make sure it is red. If it is grey, click it once to start recording.
  5. Check the box Preserve log.
  6. Click the Clear button (  ) to clear out any existing logs from the Network tab.
  7. Reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before, while the network requests are being recorded.
  8. Once you have reproduced the issue, right-click anywhere on the grid of network requests, select Save as HAR with Content, and save the file to your computer.
  9. Upload your HAR file to your ticket or attach it to your email so that our support team can analyse it.