Getting Started

What are some of the terms that you use in your help center?

"Your company", "its representatives", "your representatives", and "you" refers to the you as the client. "We", and "us' refers to us as the service provider. For more specifics, you may refer to the mutual agreement section in our proposal.

Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules when working with CTARe that you should know. We always assist in the best possible way without costing you extra, unless necessary or otherwise stated. Most of these ground rules are in our mutual agreements with your company. 1. We are working with you, not working for your company. 2. We have zero tolerance against unacceptable behaviour, especially if the results of an investigation of an issue is not made known yet, and your company and/or its representatives de...

How do I create an account on your support portal?

First time here? Here's how to get help. 1. Top right hand corner, click on Login. 2. Select 'Register' to create an account; OR login with your Facebook account. 3. Search in the Knowledge Base for your answer. 4. If answer is not found, create a ticket. 5. Since your account has already been setup, you can track your ticket, and wait for a reply from us. Dead simple :D

What details should I include in my ticket?

What have you done for troubleshooting? What time did you do it? What were you doing before that lead to what happened? Replicate the steps that lead to what happened, and let us know in the ticket.

What is the difference in the support that I get compared to the paid services/solutions?

As a paid subscriber, you get faster support compared to the general support that we provide for non-subscribers. Support provided is on a best efforts basis only, and we do not make any guarantees.

What is a Knowledge Base (KB)?

Articles in the Knowledge Base (KB) are there to provide the fastest resolution for your immediate questions, or enquiries. For more complicated questions and/or enquiries that are not found in the KB, please submit a ticket, or seek help in the Forums.

Why do I need an account to view your Knowledge Base and/or submit a ticket?

We want all our users to have the same experience with us, and that's why we require that all users who want access to our Knowledge Base (KB), or to submit a ticket, to have an account. Plus it is free, and simple to sign up! Additionally, we want our users to have a non-intrusive environment, free of spam, and cyber attacks. This is also where our security comes into the picture. Say for example, if a certain user in the community forums is creating disharmony, we will know. Likewise, if a ...

Why can't I find your email in my Inbox?

On top of looking for our emails in your email inbox, you can also try checking the Spam (Gmail or G Suite) or Junk (Outlook) folder of your inbox. Once you locate our email in the Spam or Junk folder, please mark it as Not Spam, or Not Junk before reading or replying to our email. This will ensure that you will start receiving our emails in your inbox in the future. You can find our how to mark emails as Not Spam, or Not Junk here: Gmail or G Suite (

Is Live Chat available?

Live chat for sales enquiries is always available during business hours on our website. Our sales team members are unable to respond to account related, customer support, and technical support enquiries via the live chat used for sales. Live chat support for your IT matters is only available for customers or clients that are subscribed to our paid products, services, and/or solutions. This also depends on whether live chat was included as part of your subscription to our products, services, and...

Can we privately message you?

In all cases, if we have a custom, or additional communication channel - besides emails, and tickets - to communicate with your company; do not send us private messages unless it is for sharing credentials to your subscribed services (read: services that you subscribed directly, and not through us). We are not obliged to respond to your messages in private. All messages pertaining to a project, product, service, and/or solution should be made in the public channel in the agreed upon software u...

What is the currency used on the website?

US Dollars (USD).

What kinds of payments do you take?

We accept payments using our payment processors PayPal and Stripe, and most major credit cards through our payment processors. We take payments before we start any work for your company, or you.

Can you sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement with us?

We have a confidentiality clause in our mutual agreement with your company. You may refer to it in the proposal we sent to your company. If there is still a need for us to sign a confidentiality agreement (CA), or non-disclosure agreement (NDA), do inform your account manager before signing the proposal. We will be using our NDA for your company to co-sign in such situations. When a CA or NDA is sent to us during the subscription, during a project, or after the termination of an agreement, we ...

How are hardware and/or software, and its licenses handled?

All hardware and//or software, and its licenses that we use to provide your company any of our solutions, products, and/or services remain as a rental from our vendors to us, and not your company and/or its representatives. All subscriptions to our solutions, products, and services does not indicate your purchase or ownership of the related hardware and/or software, and its licenses. Hardware, and/or software, and its licenses, with written approval from your company and/or its representatives...

How can I cancel a subscription via the client portal?

This article is valid for all CTARe products, services, and solutions that are subscribed. 1. You can access your client portal here ( 2. You will see the following login page. Key in your credentials. If you do not know or remember your password, use the "Forgot Password?" option. 3. Once you are logged in, you will see your dashboard. 4. Go to Subscriptions to see all your subscriptions. 5. To cancel a subscrip...

What happens when I cancel a subscription?

We do not offer refunds for any of our products, services, and/or solutions. Once your company cancels an annual or a monthly subscription, your company will still have access to the product, service, and/or solution for the remaining period (of the month, or year). You may also find further useful information in this article ( where we highlight what happens in the scenarios where an agreement is terminated.

Termination of agreement

There are two different scenarios where a termination of agreement can occur, and they are as follows. Scenario 1. You as a client decides to terminate our mutual agreement. In most cases, you can do so by giving us at least thirty (30) days advance notice to terminate an agreement. In all cases, the (remaining number of the months X the monthly subscription price) will be due immediately upon such a termination of agreement. Your company must clear this outstanding before the termination ...

Accuracy of information

All information and communications provided in this help center and/or any documents to your company as part of any process via any communication method or channel is accurate at time of writing. We are not liable to your company for any discrepancies that transpires between the time of writing and the time of receipt of such information. For the most updated information, you can click on the links as follows for our privacy policy (, and terms of use (http...

Where can I find help on topics for Google Workspace?

Please register for an account for our Help Center to access the help topics for Google Workspace. Creating an account for our Help Center is free, and very easy!