Why can't I find your email in my Inbox?

On top of looking for our emails in your email inbox, you can also try checking the Spam (Gmail or G Suite) or Junk (Outlook) folder of your inbox.

Once you locate our email in the Spam or Junk folder, please mark it as Not Spam, or Not Junk before reading or replying to our email. This will ensure that you will start receiving our emails in your inbox in the future.

You can find our how to mark emails as Not Spam, or Not Junk here:

Gmail or G Suite


You can also add our emails to your whitelist, or safe list:

Gmail, or G Suite

  1. Select contacts from the options on the left side of the Gmail Inbox.
  2. Select Create Contact on the top menu.
  3. Enter the email address in the primary email box.
  4. Select Save.


  1. Open your Outlook mailbox.
  2. Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark).
  3. Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders.
  4. In the space provided, enter the address.
    Example: You can either enter a specific email address or use *xxxxx.com or @xxxxx.com to whitelist the domain (replace the xxxxx with the domain name).
  5. Select Add to list.
  6. Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and select OK.