Can we privately message you?

In all cases, if we have a custom, or additional communication channel - besides emails, and tickets - to communicate with your company; do not send us private messages unless it is for sharing credentials to your subscribed services (read: services that you subscribed directly, and not through us).

We are not obliged to respond to your messages in private.

All messages pertaining to a project, product, service, and/or solution should be made in the public channel in the agreed upon software used (for example Slack).

If there is a feature for file sharing on the custom or additional communication channels, your company should not be using it as an additional file storage facility as it is not the intended purpose.

All other channels that your company decides to communicate with us are not given priority, and should not be used in any situation.

You may refer to the proposal for the method of communication at any time before, during, and after signing the proposal with us. Such details are furnished in the mutual agreement section in the proposal.