Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules when working with CTARe that you should know. We always assist in the best possible way without costing you extra, unless necessary or otherwise stated. Most of these ground rules are in our mutual agreements with your company.

1. We are working with you, not working for your company.

2. We have zero tolerance against unacceptable behaviour, especially if the results of an investigation of an issue is not made known yet, and your company and/or its representatives decides to flip the table in anger (figuratively, or literally).
This extends to other behaviour towards us such as general unpleasantness, rudeness, and blackmailing us through bad ratings (or in any other form).

3. Sending multiple tickets and/or contacting us through multiple channels for the same issue, will delay the resolution of your issue, and will not move it up in queue or give it priority.
Priority is given for issues for clients that have additionally paid for an established SLO with us for priority in processing their issues.
Critical server issues (server down) are always given priority no matter the level of SLO.

4. We are not liable to your company, its representatives, and/or you for any form of losses for whichever reason.

5. We do not handle illegal dealings associated with pornography, drugs, religion, politics, etc.

6. Unless included in our scope with your company, we do not provide coding coaching or assistance.

7. All communications between your company and us should remain professional. Communications made are to be within the stipulated times in our mutually agreed service level agreements (SLAs) with your company. These SLOs will not change unless an additional mutual agreement for newer SLOs has been agreed upon.

8. Strictly no refunds will be provided for products, services, and solutions purchased.

9. All products, services, and solutions purchased are collected as pre-payments.

10. CTARe's decisions are final in all related cases of disputes, and/or matters.